Planning and Realization of Your Project

Are you planning a climbing facility or a ropes course?

You want improve or expand your existing facility for its users and customers?

We can support you, give advice and if you wish, realize your project ideas. Additional we can develop concepts previously for the warranty of a secure running of your facility matched to your requirements. We can also show you which skills and advanced training your employees may need and can do the schooling on your behalf, so that you can concentrate on running your business.
The earlier we get involved the less effort is needed from you and the less has to be reassembled during the construction and when the facility is in use. No matter if regarding design, security or the construction respecting the purpose of use and the target group of your project.

Climbing Facilities:

For climbing facilities we can offer you and supply you with a wide range of climbing holds of many manufactures as well as with diverse surface textures and a variety of ways to construct your project. Depending on the character of security facilities accidents can be avoided or the risk can be minimized and we would be pleased to give you an overview regarding these matters. Our creativity, technical know-how, knowledge of standards and norms and practical experience as well as the direct link to diverse manufacturers helps you and us to realize your project.

Ropes courses:

A wide scope of different security systems and constructions are worldwide implemented in ropes courses. We give you an overview over the recent market with the respective advantages or disadvantages in use of these constructions and products and the constructional and personal investment and consequential costs. In consequents planning failures can previously avoided, so that only your customers can enjoy.

Because of our independence from brands, we are able to suggest you the right material matching the requirements of your facility and the right equipment fitting your target group.


  • Reverso No.4 from Petzl

    Reverso No.4 from Petzl

    Der Reverso No.4 from Petzl. L

  • Very Smart from Mammut

    Very Smart from Mammut

  • Climbing Harness Finn for Kids

    Climbing Harness Finn for Kids

    The climbing harness FINN for

  • Eleven from AustriAlpin

    Eleven from AustriAlpin

    The small one with the heavy b

  • Good Terms Evo

    Good Terms Evo

    Good and for buy with good ter

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