Technical Services for Climbing Walls

Facilities for rope climbing or bouldering are more and more getting a part of the city and the countryside, whether on playgrounds for children or as professional training construction for sport climbing, outdoors or indoors. In general there is a European Union norm for the safety inspection after construction and for checks in periodic intervals when the climbing facility is in use.

By using our service for regular checks, maintenance and if necessary quality inspections and survey reports, you can concentrate on your business without taking your employees too much in to duty.

Our consultation makes it possible, to plan your costs better and faster for an economic and safe running of your business. Our developments and experience in apprenticeship, technical service and equipment offer you the synergy that you need for a safe running of your facilities under an economic point of view.
We are independent from producers. This is an advantage for you, because we are able to check defects in manufacturing, construction, rigging and to locate norm deficit equipment as an independent service provider. As owner and operator of a climbing facility you depend on specialists that name you the deficits and potential defects of your facility. You have the right to be informed about the condition of your facility and want an uncomplicated solution. In your favor we take action against the manufacturers or traders on your behalf. Or we can provide assistance for your argumentation adverse the manufacturers and can do repairs or replacements if necessary.

The maintenance of diverse climbing wall systems and high ropes courses constructions and our contacts too many manufacturers and traders provide us the know-how on the specialist scope.

Our reports give you the argumentative help to apply for money from your investors or associates to do repairs and technical safety updates of your facility. And to implement it into the budget to get these necessary works done by us.


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