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Brands and Trademarks
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We ask for your understanding that Climbland needs to protect its intellectual property, including trademarks and copyrights and these websites are not able to give any license to this intellectual property.

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Collection and use of personal data
As operator and originator of these websites we are not collecting any personal data. But when visiting our websites the data of your connection is temporary collected by the provider in the country where the webserver is hosted. The provider collects the connection data of the requesting computer, which of our websites you visited, the date and the duration of your visit, the data to identify your browser and system software as well as the website from that you entered our websites.
In addition to that personal data like your name, address, telephone number or email address is only collected if you entered it by yourself for example for a registration, a survey, a lottery or for the accomplishment of an assignment, contract or a request of information.

Use and spreading of personal data
The by you provided personal data is only used for the purpose of the administration and performance of your wishes and requirements, so in general for the completion of our contracts with you or your requests.  We can only use your data for product or marketing purpose if you agreed before providing your personal data or if a provision by law is given and you have not denied to use your personal data for commercial purpose.
A spreading, selling or transmission of your personal or business data to third parties is not happening, except its necessary for the performance of the contract or if you explicit agreed. For example when doing orders or for service issues it may be necessary to give your address or order information to our suppliers.

Use of a web analyzing software
To optimize the content and functionality of our websites we are currently using “Piwik” and in the moment also Google-analytics. Only anonymous and abstracting analyses are used for our interpretation. The by us collected data with “Piwik” is not getting compared with data of other sources and is not given to third parties. The data collected by “Piwik” is the IP address, time and duration of the visit, the visited sites, the version of your browser and your plugins, the search engine you used and the referrers. “Piwik” uses cookies to divide the single users. But in general it is not possible for us to use the collected data to identify an individual person.

We are doing all possible technical and organization provisions to protect your data of loss and violation. Your data is stored in a safe work environment with no admission for the public. If you are contacting us by email we want to give the advice that the send information is technical not safe. The content of emails can be entered by third parties. For this reason we recommend to send confidential information only by postal service.

Right of information
On your written request we give you the information of your personal data that we may have stored.

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