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Greenpeace Study to Toxic Substances In Outdoor Clothing

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Greenpeace Study to Toxic Substances in Outdoor Clothing

Targeted research on Perflorinated Chemicals (PFC) in membranes and layers

10/29/2012, Hamburg, Germany: Greenpeace Germany published a report regarding the results of their research on toxics in outdoor clothing. 14 products, especially waterproof hard-shell jackets of different Outdoor-manufacturers were tested with a focus on Perflorinated chemicals (PFC) and perflorinated acids.


The tested products were waterproof hard-shell jackets of the companies Zimtstern/Greenpeace, Jack Wolfskin, , Vaude, North Face, Mountain Equipment, Marmot, Fjälräven, Patagonia, Adidas, Northland, Seven Summits, Mammut and Kaikkalla. As result in all of the tested products PFC was found whether as a result of the fabrication, as part of the membranes or in the layers.


Also products that were marked as PFC free contained detectable amounts of these toxics even the Greenpeace jacket. Greenpeace explains this fact therewith that the persistence of PFC makes a clean production in the current praxis not or only hardly possible.


PFC are chemical compounds that do not exist in nature, but are generated by the chemical industry for more than 50 years now. These perflorinated substances are specified by the replacement of hydrogen thru fluorine in carbon compounds. The results of this are very strong and persistent compounds that are water- and fat repellent and breathable at the same time. A problem of some of the PFC compounds is the bioaccumulation of them, which means that they accumulate in food, humans and animals. According with Greenpeace worldwide even in outlaying areas, like the arctic, PFC was found in organisms.


If and how much PFC in breathable and water repellant outdoor products is contained, is up today barely researched. The use of PFC should be according to Greenpeace in Opposite to the Image of the environment preserving sustainability of the Outdoor-manufacturers.


Is it a danger to wear Outdoor-cloth with significant PFC contamination?


Greenpeace states that wearing such cloth does not proof a direct accumulation of PFC thru the skin by wearing such. An accumulation of PFC is mainly caused by contaminated water and environment that emerges from factoring, washing and coloring textiles.


The German Outdoor Industry sees the danger of PFC and made a self  binding declaration to stop the use of such compounds until 2014.


Greenpeace appeals to the consumers to abstain from buying PFC factored products. Greenpeace admits that other materials with the same usability for factoring water repellent, breathable Outdoor Cloth are not available yet.

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