Construction Of The German Alpine Club Berlin Climbing Hall Can Go On

12/07/07, Berlin: On fifth of July the Higher Administrative Court changed  the decision of the Administrative Court Berlin that bound the District Administration to stop the construction of a climbing hall of the DAV Section Berlin (German Alpine Club).

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New Map Sheets Of The German Alpine Club Released

12/07/05, Munich: As the German Alpine Club states two new map sheets have been released that cover the north east Algäu foothills of the Alps. With these map sheets a gap in the Allgäu region is slowly getting closed.

The area around Hindelang is not only interesting because of the landscape, but because of many mountaineering and climbing as well as ski and ice tours. The area is also the closer region around the youth education center of the German Alpine Club youth. This is the place for the most alpine education and further qualification measures done by the JDAV (Youth of the German Alpine Club) for their youth leaders.

Until now they had to use much less detailed map sheets for their purposes.

The topographic maps of the German Alpine Club belong to the good and very detailed maps for ascents of mountains. Some of these are available as summer and winter version including back country skiing routes.

The maps are available under This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or in book stores.

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Berlin: Administration Court Stops Construction of The German Alpine Club (DAV) Climbing Center

05/02/12: Berlin: According to an urgent decision of the administrative court Berlin chamber 20 the German Alpine Club Section Berlin is not allowed to build or use a climbing center in Berlin-Mitte.

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Via Ferrata Sets: High Risk For Lightweight Persons


The DAV safety circle tested the common behavior of via ferrata sets under pressure of lightweight persons and discovered that people with a weight under 50kg have high risk and people under 30kg have crucial risks to get serious injuries in case of a downfall.

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