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Petzl & Beal No trash, no crash Tour 2012

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Petzl & Beal No Trash, No crash Tour 2012

Petzl & Beal tours the western part of Germany

10/08/12, Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany: Also this year it’s time for no trash - no crash, when the Petzl & Beal Tour-Team comes to the western part of Germany from 19th to 29th November 2012.


Petzl Beal NoTrash Tour2012


In focus of the Petzl & Beal no trash, no crash Tour is the free workshop (with Peter Albert) regarding the theme belaying but safe with the GRIGRI 2-Experience. The workshop should give the participants, no matter if climbing newbie or pro, exciting insights in possible and maybe not yet conscious dangers in climbing and belaying. In a fall simulator the participants would experience the power of a downfall of a lead climber. According with Petzl/Beal in this simulation the power applying on the highest anchor point is measured with a special meter.

Who does soft belaying and who mistook slag rope with soft breaking?

During the workshop the participants should also get to know how to belay with the GRIGRI 2 in safe way and would get some further interesting information about the use. The visitors have the possibility for free testing of Petzl & Beal products including free guidance.

On every date two workshops with a maximum of 8 participants each are offered:
Workshop 1: 6.30pm to 8pm
Workshop 2: 8.30pm to 10pm

The registration for the workshops is possible at the applying climbing Halls!

Dates 2012

Start: each 6pm (until the climbing hall closes)


19.11.2012 Reutlingen - DAV Kletterzentrum
20.11.2012 Wiesbaden – Kletterhalle Wiesbaden
21.11.2012 Wetzlar - CUBE DAV Kletterzentrum
22.11.2012 Fulda - Kletterzentrum Fulda
26.11.2012 Neu-Ulm - Sparkassendome DAV Kletterwelt
27.11.2012 Trier - CUBE Kletterzentrum
28.11.2012 Offenburg - DAV Kletterzentrum
29.11.2012 Weilheim - UNDER THE ROOF



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