Recall: Vie Ferrata Sets with Older Shock Absorber from Different Manufacturers

Older and Intensive Used Via Ferrata Sets not meet the Safety Standards

Salewa, Edelrid, Mammut Recall Precautionary Older Via Ferrata Sets

2013/02/25: Bern, Munich: Tests with older and intensive used vie ferrata sets from manufacturers and institutions show that via ferrata sets with metal shock absorber with rope friction technology do not meet the safety standards.


Salewa, Edelrid and Mammut recall precautionary charges of via ferrata sets using
rope friction technology. Other manufacturers (AustriAlpin, climbing technology (CT), Singing Rock and Stubai) warn their user for using the via ferrata sets. No recall but AustriAlpin’s sets with a rope break as shown below must not be used any further because of obsolescence (produced before 2007). The other manufacturers are testing their via ferrata sets.

The latest recalls are not congruent with the recalls of via ferrata sets with elastic lanyards in 2012 (Equipment Alerts).

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Recalls: All Via Ferrata Sets in the Overview

Is my via ferrata set affected ?

All affected and nonaffected via ferrata sets in the overview at state of 10/18/2012.


Affected via ferrata sets have elastic lanyards of the new generation. But also Petzl recalls a via ferrata set with other problems since 05/2011. This recall is also in the table. The latest recalls from 2013/02/25 are not listed here. The problems are different. Affected are via ferrata sets with metal shock absorber. The listing is here: "Recall: Vie Ferrata Sets with older shock absorber from different manifactureres".

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Friday, 14 September 2012 00:00

After New Tests Via Ferrata Sets are Snookered

After New Tests Via Ferrata Sets are Snookered

UIAA calls on every user of via ferrata sets around the world to check his equipment

Safety standards and norm insufficiency

Berlin 09/14/2012: The UIAA (International Mountaineering and Climbing Federation) in a press release of 09/13/12 cautions insistently via ferrata users against belaying themselves with their equipment without gathering information about it. Concerned are new generation via ferrata sets with elastic lanyards. The lethal accident of a 17 year old on 08/05/12 in Tyrolia, Austria, caused by the rupture of a via ferrata set, lead to a so far globally unique amount of recalls by different manufacturers of climbing equipment.

As the problem is clearly traced back to the slings, several manufacturers tested their via ferrata sets. The result is,

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Thursday, 13 September 2012 00:00

Recall: Stubai Recalls Via Ferrata Sets

Stubai Recalls as the Seventh Manufacturer of Climbing Gear Via ferrata Sets

Two Series of Via Ferrata Sets Affected

09/13/2012, Fulpmes, Austria: The austrian manufacturer of climbing gear Stubai recalls two series of via ferrata sets. The same problem: the elastic lanyards. The lanyards do not meet the safety standards when the lanyards get dirty in combination of intensive use. Stubai is in line with the other manufacturers that recalled their sets in the last weeks.


Affected are following via ferrata sets:

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Ocún Recalls as the Eighth Manufacturer of Climbing Gear their Via Ferrata Sets

Elastic Lanyards are the Problem

09/13/2012, Policka, Czech Republic: The company RP Komponent recalls a part of their via ferrata sets. Ocún is a brand of RP Komponent. The Problem of this via ferrata sets is the same as the problem with via ferrata sets having the new generation of elastic lanyards from the other seven manufacturers.

Following vie ferrata sets are affected:

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Wild Country Is The Sixth Manufacturer That Recalls Their Via Ferrata Sets

Older tests do not identify the problem of the via ferrata sets

09/05/2012, Gwynedd, Wales, Great Britain: The welsh manufacturer of climbing gear Wild Country recalls as sixth manufacturer their via ferrata sets. Wild Country is a part of the Salewa group since 2012.

Like the awareness of other companies the problem are the elastic lanyards that may crack after heavy use if the lanyards are dirty. After new detailed testing also Wild Country came to the conclusion that their used webbing material is affected by the heavy abrasion in use of the sets.

Cause of the testing is the accident at 08/05/2012 with a rental via ferrata set from Edelrid in Tirol, Austria. The  result is the wave of testing and recalls of via ferrata sets from manufacturers of climbing gear.

The following sets are affected:

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Climbing Technology Recalls Via Ferrata Sets Too

The Wave of Recalls of Faulty Via Ferrata Sets Does Not Stop

08/31/2012, Cisano Bergamasco, Italy: As the fifth manufacturer of climbing gear, the Italian company climbing technology recalls two modells of their via ferrata sets. The wave of recalls of faulty via ferrata sets does not stop. The problem is the same: the elastic lanyards of the via ferrata sets. An extended use can cause damage.


The following via ferrata sets of climbing technology are affected:

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Test results of researches to failure of via ferrata sets

Different types of webbing in the production of the elastic branches of different manufacturers are probably the reason

Mammut, Salewa, Kong and Camp do not recall their sets at this time

08/30/2012 and following days, Berlin: After researches of the Swiss company Mammut AG, according to the request of climbland, the first concrete results regarding the failure of elastic via ferrata set branches of the new generation are discovered.

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Singing Rock Recalls Precautionary Diverse Via Ferrata Sets Too

Elastic Arms of the Via Ferrata Sets are the Safety Problem

08/28/2012, Poniklá, Czech: After the recalls from the companies Edelrid and AustriAlpin, the Czech company Singing Rock recalls diverse via ferrata sets precautionary too. The tests have shown the same safety problem when the sets are applied to heavy and long term usage.


The elastic webbing used in the of all manufacturers recalled sets is probably of one source.


This recall is relevant to SINGING ROCK Via Ferrata Sets produced during 2010, 2011 and 2012 with the following article names:

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Edelweiss Recalls Via Ferrata Sets as Fourth Manufacturer of Climbing Gear

The elastic branches of the via ferrata sets are from the same producer as the branches of the via ferrata sets from the other manufacturers

08/28/2012, Saint Chamin, France: The French manufacturer of climbing gear Edelweiss recalls - after the recalls from Edelrid, AustriAlpin and Singing Rock - their via ferrata sets too. All recalls concern the via ferrata sets with elastic arms that have been produced in in the last years.


Allmost all manufacturers warn of the usage of sets with these special stretching branches. For information about this special problem read the recalls from Edelrid, AustriAlpin and Singing Rock.


Following via ferrata sets from Edelweiss are affected:

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