Sewn cords break at a lower weight than published weight values, posing a fall hazard.

2014/03/25, Biddeford, Maine, USA: The US-manufacturer of life safety rope, cord and hardware, Sterling Rope, recalls sewn cords ropes with 8mm cords for prusik e.g. The cords not meeting the standards.

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Monday, 18 November 2013 20:01

Recall: Simond Recalls Rocky Carabiner

Simond Recalls Rocky Carabiner

Fault Rivets Are The Risk

2013/11/12, Les Houches-Chamonix, France: The frensh manufacturer of climbing gear Simond recalls individual charges their carabiner Rocky. Fault rivets at the gates are the risk.

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Thursday, 10 October 2013 11:28

Recall: Wild Country Recalls Chocks

Wild Country Recalls Chocks Classic Rocks and Anodised Rocks

2013/10/10, Tideswell, UK: The british manufacturer of climbing equipment Wild Country recalls their chocks from different series. After a break of a nut in use, Wild Country tested extensive their products Classic Rocks and Anodised Rocks. The result is a recall of this series since the year 2010.

Affected are following chocks:

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Recall: PIEPS Recalls the Avalanche Transciever PIEPS VECTOR

Timelimit of reconsignment is the 2013/12/01

2013/09/27, Lebring, Austria: The austrian manufacturer of avalanche transceivers Pieps recalls their PIEPS VECTOR. Longtime tests shows disfunctions with no recognizability.

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Recall: ZIGZAG Petzl Mechanical Prusik for Arborists

An Another Identical Failure

2013/04/29, Crolles, France: The frensh manufacturer Petzl recall their mechanical prusik ZigZag.

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Recall: Vie Ferrata Sets with Older Shock Absorber from Different Manufacturers

Older and Intensive Used Via Ferrata Sets not meet the Safety Standards

Salewa, Edelrid, Mammut Recall Precautionary Older Via Ferrata Sets

2013/02/25: Bern, Munich: Tests with older and intensive used vie ferrata sets from manufacturers and institutions show that via ferrata sets with metal shock absorber with rope friction technology do not meet the safety standards.


Salewa, Edelrid and Mammut recall precautionary charges of via ferrata sets using
rope friction technology. Other manufacturers (AustriAlpin, climbing technology (CT), Singing Rock and Stubai) warn their user for using the via ferrata sets. No recall but AustriAlpin’s sets with a rope break as shown below must not be used any further because of obsolescence (produced before 2007). The other manufacturers are testing their via ferrata sets.

The latest recalls are not congruent with the recalls of via ferrata sets with elastic lanyards in 2012 (Equipment Alerts).

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Tuesday, 18 December 2012 00:00

Recall: Wild Country Recalls Helium-Karabiners

Wild Country Recalls Helium Karabiners and Helium Quickdraws

Karabiners not meet the standards

12/10/2012, Derbyshire, UK: The british manufacturer of climbing hardware recalls particulier charges of Helium karabiners. Wild Country identified anomalies and cannot guarantee that the karabiners with the identified batch codes meet the European Standard for karabiner.

The affected Helium karabiners existing solo and may also be part of a quickdraw. It has been established that all of the affected karabiners were delivered after July 15th 2012.

Affected are karabiner with following batch codes:

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Recall: Ortovox Recalls Avalanche Transceiver 3+

12/10/2012, Taufkirchen, Germany: The german manufacturer Ortovox, manufacturer of avalanche rescue gear, recalls a part of their avalanche transceivers Ortovox 3+. During serch training and internal tests, the models of avanalche transceivers switched back to transmission mode. This defect can hinder or impair rescue measures. The avalanche transceivers must inspected and must updated with new software.

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Recall: Wild Country Recalls the Ascender Ropeman 3

Ropeman 3 ascenders of the company Wild Country may slip when initially loaded

11/02/2012, Tideswell, Wales, Great Britain: The manufacturer of climbing and mountaineering equipment Wild Country recalls the mini ascender and rope clamp Ropeman 3 because of safety issues.

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Mammut Preventive Recalls Via Ferrata Sets of Some Tec Step 2012 Series

Danger is only expected when using the sets after the recommended time of use

10/18/2012, Seon, Switzerland: The swiss climbing gear manufacturer Mammut calls some series of the Tec Step via ferrata sets back. Though tests of the elastic carabiner branches have shown that the durability in use is much higher, than of the material used in the recalled sets of other manufacturers, Mammut decided to recall some of the via ferrata set series. This is noteworthy, because a short time ago Mammut identified the differences of the used materials of the different manufacturers and made diverse tests to preclude a recall of their via ferrata sets.


Affected are now the via ferrata set series with the until now tested elastic lanyards.

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