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Recall: Ortovox Recalls Avalanche Transceiver 3+

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Recall: Ortovox Recalls Avalanche Transceiver 3+

12/10/2012, Taufkirchen, Germany: The german manufacturer Ortovox, manufacturer of avalanche rescue gear, recalls a part of their avalanche transceivers Ortovox 3+. During serch training and internal tests, the models of avanalche transceivers switched back to transmission mode. This defect can hinder or impair rescue measures. The avalanche transceivers must inspected and must updated with new software.


Affected are the Ortovox 3+ avalanche transceivers that shipped to vendors after October 17, 2012.


Due to the use of a new motion sensor used for follow-up avalanche switchover, a safety-relevant mistake occurred in practice, despite successful function tests: The affected 3+ devices do not receive a sensor signal, despite motion, and hence incorrectly activate the follow-up avalanche switchover after 120 seconds without user intervention; i.e., they switch from search mode to transmission mode. Manual switching of the device to search mode allows the search to be continued. However, in serious cases, this defect can hinder or impair rescue measures.

In case of burial, the secure transmission function of the device is still ensured with no limitations, despite this error.

The check for the serialnumber and identify for affected trancseivers:

The 10-digit number will appear on the display 2 digits at a time when the 3+ is switched on.

For more informations: +49 89 666 74 212 or: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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