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Warning for Manipulated Bornack-Belaying-Sytems for Ropes Courses

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Bornack gives a warning for modified self-belay-systems for ropes courses

11/22/2012, Ilsfeld, Berlin, Germany: The manufacturer for high altitude belaying systems, workers safety and rescuing, Bornack, gives a urgent warning regarding the use of unauthorized modified SAFELINK SBB self-belaying-systems for ropes courses and adventure parks. The manipulation of these systems can cause the risk of deadly accidents for the user.


For some time now these modified systems have been offered to ropes courses and adventure parks for testing or buying. The offering company claims the existence of a corporation with Bornack, which is not there. The changes in the belaying system lead to a loss of the product liability of Bornack and illegitimates the CE construction certification.

In the manipulated belaying systems the existing Bowden cables are changed to hydraulic system. Bornack tested in development of the system themselves hydraulic systems, but decided to us Bowden cables because of safety issues.

These unauthorized changes on the SFAELINK SBB would be declared as an innovation and is offered for testing and buying. Operators and trainers in ropes courses and adventure parks that do not know the Bornack self-belaying-systems, are not able to identify or recognize these changes.

Where the offering party gets the Bornack systems is not according to Bornack unclear. A conscious distribution to the seller of the manipulated products did not happen, so it is not known where they get the original systems. The way of distribution are not the same as for products in sport and freetime, e.g. belaying systems in alpine sports. The distribution is normally anonymous.

 Should you be confronted with manipulated Bornack systems, Bornack requests to give them notice and warns for the use of these systems.

The SELFLINK SBB of Bornack belongs to the communicating belay slings with to carabiner branches. These system is so constructed that one carabiner only opens when the other is locked. These communication between the two carabiners in nearly all available systems on the market works with a Bowden cable. This special locking mechanism avoids the potential danger in a ropes course or adventure park to move without a belay.

The company Bornack belongs to the leading developers and manufacturers of high altitude belay systems and for material in work safety and rescue.

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