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Recall: Wild Country Recalls the Ascender Ropeman 3

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Recall: Wild Country Recalls the Ascender Ropeman 3

Ropeman 3 ascenders of the company Wild Country may slip when initially loaded

11/02/2012, Tideswell, Wales, Great Britain: The manufacturer of climbing and mountaineering equipment Wild Country recalls the mini ascender and rope clamp Ropeman 3 because of safety issues.


Tough the Ropeman 3 would pass the standard EN567 for rope clamps in mountaineering equipment; the device may slip when initially loaded. This danger of slipping should be even higher if the rope is under significant tension and the Ropeman 3 is not set specifically in position. If the Ropeman 3 is positioned properly this danger would not occur, nevertheless Wild Country has taken the decision for an immediate recall of the Ropeman 3.

The Ropeman 3 is clearly marked with its name, is red or blue and can be identified by its ridged aluminium cam.





The affected Ropemans and their Stock Codes:

  • Wild Country Ropeman 3 Blue (Art.Nr.: 14ROPE3B)
  • Wild Country Ropeman 3 Red (Art.Nr.: 14ROPE3R)
  • Wild Country Ropeman 3 Blue Synergy Lite Set (Art.Nr.: 14ROPE3BSET)
  • Wild Country Ropeman 3 Red Synergy Lite Set (Art.Nr.: 14ROPE3RSET)

Also specified by the following Batch Codes:LAL, LBL, MMA, MMB, MMC, MMD, MME, MMF, MMG, MMH, MMJ.


The returned Ropeman 3 will not be reworked, but replaced with the earlier Ropeman 1 or 2 including a matching carabiner by choice of the customer. In future the Ropeman 3 will be available again, but with spiked stainless steel cams instead of the ridged aluminium cams.

All owners of the Ropeman 3 should bring the affected item to their local dealer or should send it directly  to Wid Country UK. When sending it to Wild Country UK, your adress, email and phone number should be included for a proper action of the recall.


The return adress is:

Wild Country UK
Meverill Rd
Nr Buxton
SK17 8PY


More information for customers and retailers can be found under This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and or by phone +44 (0) 1298 871010.

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