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Recalls 2012: All Via Ferrata Sets in the Overview

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Recalls: All Via Ferrata Sets in the Overview

Is my via ferrata set affected ?

All affected and nonaffected via ferrata sets in the overview at state of 10/18/2012.


Affected via ferrata sets have elastic lanyards of the new generation. But also Petzl recalls a via ferrata set with other problems since 05/2011. This recall is also in the table. The latest recalls from 2013/02/25 are not listed here. The problems are different. Affected are via ferrata sets with metal shock absorber. The listing is here: "Recall: Vie Ferrata Sets with older shock absorber from different manifactureres".



The cause of the recalls, the alerts, the cause of the tests and more information you find in the category equipment alerts.


 Manufacturer  affected  not affected
 Anlo Mountain    Ibex



 Black Diamond  

 Easy Rider

 Iron Cruiser


 Matrix Rewind

 Matrix Gyro Rewind

 Vortex Rewind

 Vortex Rewind Light

 Climbing Technology CT

 Top Shell Spring Set

 Classic K Spring Set

 Top Shell Spring

 Classic K Spring

 Revolving K Set


 Cable Lite

 Cable Lite 2.0

 Cable Comfort

 Cable Comfort 2.0

 Cable Kit 4.0

 Brenta Comfort

 Cable Kit Xtra-Light Schuster

 Cable Vario

 Cable Kit

 Cable Kit 2.0 + 3.0

 Cable Lite 2.1 + 2.2

 Cable Comfort 2.2

 Cable Kit 4.2



 Upsilon Evo

 Upsilon Evo junior

 Upsilon Evo Swivel Performance

 Upsilon Evo Performance

 Upsilon Evo Swivel

 Elliot    Via Ferrata Set
 Faders    Ferratum



 LACD    Via Ferrata Set Pro

 Tec Step Bionic

 Tec Step Classic

 Tec Step Brenta Classic

 Tec Step Bionic Turn

 Tec Step Via Ferrata Brenta Turn

 Tec Step Via Ferrata Brenta

 Tec Step Via Ferrata Element

 Tec Step Via Ferrata Turn KL

 Tec Step Via Ferrata KL

 Via Ferrata Turn Web Key Lock

 Via Ferrata Step Web Key Lock

 Via Ferrata Performance Key Lock


 Via Ferrata Y-form Harmonica

 Via Ferrata Rip'n'stop Harmonica

 Via Ferrata Y-form Trombone

 Via Ferrata Rip'n'stop Trombone

 Petzl  Scorpio (before 05/2011)  Scorpio (new or inspected)

 Attac Zip

 Ergo Zip

 Ergo Tex

 G4 Attac Cobra old (red/whire)

 G4 Attac Cobra new (black)

 G4 Attac Premium old (black)

 G4 Attac Premium new (red/white)

 G4 Classic Cobra

 Simond    Vitalink
 Singing Rock

 Easy Go XP

 Easy Go XP Complete

 Easy Go XP Lock





 Connect Compact SN 498

 Connect Flex SN 499

 Connect Compact beside SN 498

 Ferrata Connect Flex beside SN 499

 Ferrata Connect Basic

 Wild Country

 Via Ferrata Set


No responsibility is taken for the correctness of this information.


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