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Recall: Ocun the Eighth Manufacturer that Recalls Via Ferrata Sets

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Ocún Recalls as the Eighth Manufacturer of Climbing Gear their Via Ferrata Sets

Elastic Lanyards are the Problem

09/13/2012, Policka, Czech Republic: The company RP Komponent recalls a part of their via ferrata sets. Ocún is a brand of RP Komponent. The Problem of this via ferrata sets is the same as the problem with via ferrata sets having the new generation of elastic lanyards from the other seven manufacturers.

Following vie ferrata sets are affected:


Via Ferrata Y-Form (Art: 00048)

Via Ferrata Rip 'N' Stop (Art: 02245)

Recall Ocun ViaFerrata2012

Recall Ocun ViaFerrata2012 detail04

The recall is relevant to Ocún Via Ferrata Sets with following batch numbers: 357/11, 357/11, 367/11, 368/11, 385/11, 417/11, 418/11, 442/11, 442/11, 443/11, 444/11, 449/11, 492/11, 493/11, 494/12, 494/12, 495/11, 496/11, 498/11, 499/11, 907/12, 908/12, 909/12, 937/12, 947/12, 948/12, 974/12.

Ocún recalls Via Ferrata sets to exchange the "harmonica" type elastic webbing for the "trombone" type elastic webbing.

Not affected are the via ferrrata sets with following lanyards:

Recall Ocun ViaFerrata2012 detail03ok

The batch number placement is shown on the following pictures:

Recall Ocun ViaFerrata2012 02

Ocún will provide the replacement free of charge and  will add a small gift as compensation for postage.

Ocún will replace the elastic webbing on used as well as new and still unused Via Ferrata Sets and will subject each returned Via Ferrata Set to a safety inspection, replace the webbings and return the set to you as soon as possible.

Send the affected via ferrata set to RP Komponent directly.

The vie ferrata set must be labeled with name, postal adress, email adress and phone number.

For Germany:

RP Komponent spol. s.r.o.
Via ferrata Recall

Sattigstr. 707

02826 Görlitz


For other countries:

RP Komponent, spol. s r.o.
Via Ferrata Recall

Hegerova 345

572 01 Polièka
Czech Republic

More information or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone: (+420) 326 211 714 (Monday-Friday 8:00 am to 4:00 pm).

The original information in german and english language for downloading.


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