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Alert: Buckles of FallTech Full-body Harnesses Inproperly Paired

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The Buckles of FallTech Fullbody Harnesses May Be Inproperly Paired And Need Inspection And Replacement.

12/13/03: Comton, USA:The US company Falltech, producer of personal security equipment for industrial climbing, is currently having problems with the buckles of their produced full body harnesses manufactured between october 2010 and february 2012.


The male and female parts of the Quick-Connect or bayonet style Buckles used in some of the full body harnesses have been inproperly paired. This inproperly pairing can result in disangagement and unfastening while the buckle is in use. The parts of the Duraform 350 06 D and the Falltech 0-60 have been mixed.

Persons currently using a Falltech full body harness should imidiatelly check the harness by using the following advices:

The Duraform 350 06 D Buckle has no engagement window and no moon shaped cut out.

falltech buckles ok01x


The Falltech 0-60 Buckle has on the female side an engagement window and on the male side a moon shaped cut out.


falltech buckles ok02x


On the next image you can see how a inproperly paired buckle looks like.


falltech buckles infected03

The Harnesses with the following serial numbers could be affected and need to be inspected:

70063QC 7021QCXL 7035XLQC 7082LXQSFD 7083Q3X HR7081LX

7006XL3QC 7023QC 70373QC 7082Q2XFD 7083QLX HR7081SM

70082XQC 7034QCL 7039 7082QLX 7083QLXFD NS7082LX

7008QC 7034QCM 70392X 7082QSM 7083QSM NS7082SM

7008QCXL 7034QCXL2X 7039XL 7082SM 7083SM NS7082XL

7009QC 7035LQC 7079XS 7082SMFD 7084L NS7083LX

7009QCFD 7035MQC 70822X 7082SMQSFD 7084M NS7083SM

7016QC 7035QC3X4X 70822XQSFD 70832X 7084XL SH70412X

7016QC2X 7035QCL 70823X 70833X 7085L SH70413X

7016QC3X 7035QCM 70823XQSFD 7083LX 7085M SH7041LX

7016QCXL 7035QCS 7082LX 7083LXFD 7085S SH7041SM

7021QC 7035QCXL 7082LXFD 7083Q2X 7085XL

If you discover any affected harness, then the buckles have to be replaced. Do not use the affected harnesses until the buckles have been replaced.

If you have questions or if you need further information contact the customer support on

The official warning is attached bellow.


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