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Recall: Rock Exotica Recalls Unicender for Inspection

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Recall: Rock Exotica Recalls Unicender for Inspection

Revited chain link came apart under use

29.09.2011: The US-company Rock Exotica recalls all Unicender for descending and ascending in trees with the Serial-Numbers 11220 and earlier. All Rock Exotica Unicenders made before August 2011 are affected.  This required inspection is important for the user’s safety and your Unicender should not be used until the inspection has been done.


What Happened:  An improperly riveted chain link came apart on one side under use.  No fall occurred and the user was not injured.  Rock Exotica have checked several other units from the same batch and there were no problems, but because your safety is paramount Rock Exotica have decided that all Unicenders must be inspected.


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Serial Numbers:  Each Unicender has a unique number.  The first digits of this number tell the year and day it was assembled.  For example, 11168 means it was assembled in 2011, on the 168th day of the year.  Affected numbers are 11220 and earlier.  All Unicenders of this date or earlier must be inspected.  Later numbers are not affected and do not need to be sent in.  Also, Unicenders of any date that are marked “Factory Inspected” have already been inspected and do not need to be sent in.


What Went Wrong:  The rivets start out as straight pins.  The riveting process presses down on the ends and forms a head that is bigger than the hole in the chain plate so the rivet is captured and cannot come out.  One head was not flared enough and it was able to work its way out of the chain plate.  Rock Exotica have now added additional safeguards and other measures to insure this can’t happen again.


What Needs To Be Inspected:  Rock Exotica will inspect each unit to be sure the rivets are headed properly.  After inspection your Unicender will be laser marked with “Factory Inspected”.  If any do not pass inspection they will, of course, be replaced.


Rock Exotica is very sorry for the inconvenience.


To help make up for it, Rock Exotica is doing two things:

  1. They will send you a free Pirate autolock carabiner when we return your Unicender, said Rock Exotica.
  2. As stated in the instructions, a frequently used Unicender will eventually need to be rebuilt.  If and when yours does it will be done at half price, which represents a significant savings.

Is Self-Inspection Possible?  If you are mechanically experienced and have access to accurate calipers it may be possible for you to measure the rivets yourself.  In this case you should call Rock Exotica (801 728-0630, any extension can help you) and Rock Exotica can direct you.  You should only do this if you are confident in your ability.


How To Send Your Unicender To Rock Exotica:  Send it to the following address.  This address contains both a street address and a P.O. box so you can send it by UPS, FedEx or mail.  Or if more convenient, you can return it to your dealer and they will send it to Rock Exotica (but it will be faster to send it directly).  If you send it UPS you can use the UPS account number 1Y9139.


Rock Exotica Equipment LC – Unicender
POB 160470
Freeport Center, F-11
Clearfield, UT 84016


In the box please put a note with your return address.  If it is a street address Rock Exotica will return it by UPS, if it’s a P.O. box they will ship by mail.


To Get the Half-Price Rebuild Offer:  You don’t need to do anything.  When your Unicender with the affected serial number is ready for a rebuild, it will be charged at the half-price rate.


For more information:


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