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Recall: Compressed Air Cartridges for Avalanche Air Bag ABS TwinBag

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Recall: Compressed Air Cartridges for Avalanche Airbags “ABS TwinBags“

Defective compressed air cartridges can inhibit the release of the double airbags
The German company ABS-Peter Aschauer GmbH recalls all steel cartridges filled between September 2008 and April 15th 2010 for their manufactured ABS TwinBags. But a replacement first begins with October 15th 2011.


The ABS-Peter Aschauer GmbH cannot exclude for the above stated production time frame that during the filling process of the certified sub-supplier two instead of one stitching disks in one cartridge. This leads to it that the steel cartridge cannot be stitched and the release of the ABS TwinBag system is not possible. For that reason the airbag cannot open and a burying cannot be avoided in case of an avalanche.

Because of that the affected cartridges can’t be used.

The carbon cartridges of the TwinBags and the cartridges of the other ABS-systems are not affected of this error.

The filling date is with the weight on the round sticker on the side of the cartridge.


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Traders are called to check their stock before the exchange in autumn 2011 to send the affected goods to the ABS production for replacement. It is necessary that affected cartridges are not sold to end customers.

The exchange of the affected steel cartridges is free from October 15th 2011 to January 31st 2012 at your ABS professional trader. ABS recommends to use the opportunity to do a test release of the ABS system. ABS traders should replace the empty release handle and the affected steel cartridge without charge.

Further information at: ABS Peter Aschauer GmbH or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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