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Safety Alert: Request for Immediate Self Inspection for All ABSORBICA Energy Absorbers

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Safety Alert: Request for Immediate Self Inspection for All Petzl ABSORBICA Energy Absorbers

Temporary stoppage of the sale of all stock of ABSORBICA tear webbing lanyards for inspection before resuming sales

20.05.2011: Crolles, France: Petzl's internal investigation and analysis of themanufacturing procedures specific to the production of tear webbing energy absorbers has identified a weakness which could explain the defect leading to the cause of an accident in May 2011.


This new product safety alert is an extension of the product safety alert issued on May 13th 2011.


It concerns all ABSORBICA energy absorbers manufactured before May 17th 2011 up to serial number 11137****.


The relevant product references are: L57, L58, L58 MGO, L59, L59 MGO, L59 69, L70120 YG, L70150 IM, L70150 YM, L70150 I, L70150 Y, L70150 YM.


Petzl stops temporary all Petzl tear webbing lanyard production.

Petzl stops temporary the sale of all stock of SCORPIO and ABSORBICA tear webbing lanyards for inspection before resuming sales.




If you possess an ABSORBICA energy absorber as detailed above Petzl ask you to:


immediately stop using it !


Inspect your energy absorber using the special inspection procedure and send inspection results and quantity of inspected products to your Petzl local distributor.


For check look for the four safety stitchs:




The lanyards with energy absorber for the ASAP mobile fall arrester ASAP'SORBER are not concerned by this alert.

You may continue to use these products, whilst respecting the conditions of use, maintenance and inspection outlined in their respective technical notices.


For more information:


This information is also available in german and spanish.


The check lists are also available in english, french, spanish, italien and german. See the attachments.


A self-inspection is only for industrial consumers and companies. Not for privates and hobbiests.


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