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Counterfeit: Wild Country Quickdraws

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Wild Country gives a warning for counterfeit quickdraws

Based on information of Wild Country counterfeit, not certified “Wild Wire” quickdraws are on sale.


Wild Wire Wild Country Express-Schlinge
signs on the webbings.
Picture: Wild Country

The hardware manufacturer Wild Country states that counterfeit, not CE certified “Wild Wire” quickdraws got in the European market thru unidentified sources. These “Wild Wire” according with Wild Country are sold on several web shops and vendors as special offers.

Wild Country underlines that these “Wild Wire” sets are not manufactured by Wild Country and have not been traded by them. It would be uncertified, illegal imported and not tested products. The potential dangerous counterfeits look like the originals. But in some details they can be distinguished.

Wild Wire Express-Set Wild Country
The "Wild Wire"- Quickdraws - on a white plastic hang.
Picture: Wild Country

The following points can discover the uncertified quickdraws:

  • The sets are offered without the white plastic hang.
  • The multi lingual description/booklet is missing
  • The Wild country logo is missing on the webbings
  • The batch code on the carabiners is missing

Advices of people who discover shops that offer the counterfeits are guerdoned with a chalkbag. Advice to Wild Country: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Wild country also notified that the illegal source of the counterfeits has been discovered and that legal steps have been taken. Despite Wild Country warns explicit of the use of the copied products: “The CE sign on the counterfeit carabiners guarantees not for quality, because there were no controls and no tests by Wild Country or any institution!”


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