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Red Point (Arco): Bursted Bolt Hangers - Recall

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Red Point bolt hangers cracked – recall

Arco, Italy: according with the online magazine “climax” and “Kletterfieber” the bolt hangers with the name “Red Point” from the shop with the same name could break when mounting them.


“The bolt hanger “Red Point Arco” (zincked), just bought in the sports shop Red Point – end of July – a dangerous production failure seems to be occurred. The hangers break already while mounting them around the armature eyelet! Others show significant cracks and you can see dark material in these cracking areas. 3 of 50 bolt hangers broke and 12 cracked significant,” regarding the person mounting them Peter Groß.

The shop Red Point stated that only a few of these affected bolt hangers are on the market and recalls them.



Recall of Red Point:

Red Point stands for best quality high customer satisfaction for years now. Despite several tests and the high quality standard that we ourselves commit to, a charge of bolt hangers of our own brand “Red Point” came on the market that afterwards has proven to be defect. Though the Inspections and checks after DIN EN 959 Point 4.3.1 and 4.3.2 have proven sufficient durability (>25KN radial; >15KN axial)in some few cases cracks/bursts appeared during the mounting of the hangers in the rock. It is only a small production charge of 500 pieces and 450 have been recalled before they were sold, so less than 50 pieces are on the market or in use.

Red Point asks all customers that purchased bolt hangers with the printing “Red Point” before September 17th 2010 to return them to the shop where they bought the items or to contact Red Point directly.

Bolt hangers purchased later are not affected by the recall and can be used without any concern.


Red Point, Viale Santoni 15, I-38062 ARCO
Phone: +390464519668
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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