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Recall: Wild Country Recalls Chocks

Wild Country Recalls Chocks Classic Rocks and Anodised Rocks

2013/10/10, Tideswell, UK: The british manufacturer of climbing equipment Wild Country recalls their chocks from different series. After a break of a nut in use, Wild Country tested extensive their products Classic Rocks and Anodised Rocks. The result is a recall of this series since the year 2010.

Affected are following chocks:

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Tuesday, 18 December 2012 00:00

Recall: Wild Country Recalls Helium-Karabiners

Wild Country Recalls Helium Karabiners and Helium Quickdraws

Karabiners not meet the standards

12/10/2012, Derbyshire, UK: The british manufacturer of climbing hardware recalls particulier charges of Helium karabiners. Wild Country identified anomalies and cannot guarantee that the karabiners with the identified batch codes meet the European Standard for karabiner.

The affected Helium karabiners existing solo and may also be part of a quickdraw. It has been established that all of the affected karabiners were delivered after July 15th 2012.

Affected are karabiner with following batch codes:

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Recall: Wild Country Recalls the Ascender Ropeman 3

Ropeman 3 ascenders of the company Wild Country may slip when initially loaded

11/02/2012, Tideswell, Wales, Great Britain: The manufacturer of climbing and mountaineering equipment Wild Country recalls the mini ascender and rope clamp Ropeman 3 because of safety issues.

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Wild Country Is The Sixth Manufacturer That Recalls Their Via Ferrata Sets

Older tests do not identify the problem of the via ferrata sets

09/05/2012, Gwynedd, Wales, Great Britain: The welsh manufacturer of climbing gear Wild Country recalls as sixth manufacturer their via ferrata sets. Wild Country is a part of the Salewa group since 2012.

Like the awareness of other companies the problem are the elastic lanyards that may crack after heavy use if the lanyards are dirty. After new detailed testing also Wild Country came to the conclusion that their used webbing material is affected by the heavy abrasion in use of the sets.

Cause of the testing is the accident at 08/05/2012 with a rental via ferrata set from Edelrid in Tirol, Austria. The  result is the wave of testing and recalls of via ferrata sets from manufacturers of climbing gear.

The following sets are affected:

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Test results of researches to failure of via ferrata sets

Different types of webbing in the production of the elastic branches of different manufacturers are probably the reason

Mammut, Salewa, Kong and Camp do not recall their sets at this time

08/30/2012 and following days, Berlin: After researches of the Swiss company Mammut AG, according to the request of climbland, the first concrete results regarding the failure of elastic via ferrata set branches of the new generation are discovered.

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Sunday, 31 October 2010 00:00

Counterfeit: Wild Country Quickdraws

Wild Country gives a warning for counterfeit quickdraws

Based on information of Wild Country counterfeit, not certified “Wild Wire” quickdraws are on sale.

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