Service Bulletin for Inspection of Mammut / Snowpulse Avalanche Airbags

2014/03/03, Seon, Switzerland: The swiss manufacturer of mountaineering gear Mammut inform: Follow-up inspections have shown that there is an assembly problem affecting individual Mammut/Snowpulse avalanche airbags from the Winter 2011/2012 and Winter 2012/2013 production seasons. The problem is an improperly screwed in connector between the deployment mechanism and the venturi valve.

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Mammut Recalls the RescYou Crevasse Rescue Device

A Part of the Affected Tools With Nofunction

2014/01/21: Seon, Switzerland: The swiss manufacturer of mountaineering gear Mammut Sports Group recalls several charges of their crevasse rescue tool RescYou. Internal tests show the nofunction of a part of the RescYous of several charges.

Mammut sells the RescYou since 2013. The RescYou is used for ski mountaineering and mountain climbing to allow the user to haul a climber who has fallen into a crevasse back to the surface of a glacier. The device is attached to the harness (self-rescue) or a fixing point (rescue of another person). After this, two rope clamps are clipped to the rope and the compact six-fold pulley, which connects the two rope clamps, is operated.

The orange return stop of the pulley have not function. So the rope slides in the starting position and RescYou have no function.

Affected are the charges 12/12 and 03/13.

rescyou frontrescyou back

The number of the charges shows on the front.

rescyou charge1212rescyou charge0313

As a measure of precaution, Mammut ask that you:
- immediately stop using the RescYou
- return the RescYou to the Mammu dealer or to Mammut directly (at Mammut costs).


For shipping to Mammut:

For customers from the Europeen Union:

Mammut Sports Group GmbH
Recall RescYou
Mammut-Basecamp 1
D-87787 Wolfertschwenden

E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Tel: +41 (0)62 769 82 59

For customers from Swiss and outside Europeen Union:

Mammut Sports Group AG
Recall RescYou
Birren 5
CH-5703 Seon

E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Tel: +41 (0)62 769 82 59

For customers from USA and Canada:

Mammut Sports Group, Inc
458 Hurricane Lane, Ste 111
Williston, VT 05495

email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Tel.: (800) 451-5127, between 9am and 5pm Eastern
time, Monday through Friday

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Friday, 23 August 2013 15:43

Very Smart from Mammut

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Recall: Vie Ferrata Sets with Older Shock Absorber from Different Manufacturers

Older and Intensive Used Via Ferrata Sets not meet the Safety Standards

Salewa, Edelrid, Mammut Recall Precautionary Older Via Ferrata Sets

2013/02/25: Bern, Munich: Tests with older and intensive used vie ferrata sets from manufacturers and institutions show that via ferrata sets with metal shock absorber with rope friction technology do not meet the safety standards.


Salewa, Edelrid and Mammut recall precautionary charges of via ferrata sets using
rope friction technology. Other manufacturers (AustriAlpin, climbing technology (CT), Singing Rock and Stubai) warn their user for using the via ferrata sets. No recall but AustriAlpin’s sets with a rope break as shown below must not be used any further because of obsolescence (produced before 2007). The other manufacturers are testing their via ferrata sets.

The latest recalls are not congruent with the recalls of via ferrata sets with elastic lanyards in 2012 (Equipment Alerts).

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Greenpeace Study to Toxic Substances in Outdoor Clothing

Targeted research on Perflorinated Chemicals (PFC) in membranes and layers

10/29/2012, Hamburg, Germany: Greenpeace Germany published a report regarding the results of their research on toxics in outdoor clothing. 14 products, especially waterproof hard-shell jackets of different Outdoor-manufacturers were tested with a focus on Perflorinated chemicals (PFC) and perflorinated acids.

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Mammut Preventive Recalls Via Ferrata Sets of Some Tec Step 2012 Series

Danger is only expected when using the sets after the recommended time of use

10/18/2012, Seon, Switzerland: The swiss climbing gear manufacturer Mammut calls some series of the Tec Step via ferrata sets back. Though tests of the elastic carabiner branches have shown that the durability in use is much higher, than of the material used in the recalled sets of other manufacturers, Mammut decided to recall some of the via ferrata set series. This is noteworthy, because a short time ago Mammut identified the differences of the used materials of the different manufacturers and made diverse tests to preclude a recall of their via ferrata sets.


Affected are now the via ferrata set series with the until now tested elastic lanyards.

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Test results of researches to failure of via ferrata sets

Different types of webbing in the production of the elastic branches of different manufacturers are probably the reason

Mammut, Salewa, Kong and Camp do not recall their sets at this time

08/30/2012 and following days, Berlin: After researches of the Swiss company Mammut AG, according to the request of climbland, the first concrete results regarding the failure of elastic via ferrata set branches of the new generation are discovered.

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Mammut In Search Of A Female Mountaineer For A Photo Shooting

Mammut is looking for a female mountaineer

12/07/19: Seon, Switzerland: the Swiss company Mammut is searching a female mountaineer  for their new campaign photo. The shooting is planned to happen at Cleopatra’s needle in Bergell. The shooting will be included in a documentation of the "Schweizer Fernsehen" (SF) about the photographer Robert Bösch.

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Recall For Inspection: Mammut Via Ferrata Sets Tec Step 2012

05/17/12: Seon, Switzerland: The Company Mammut recalls the Tec step via ferrata sets of the production year 2012 for a preventive inspection. According with Mammut in regular quality checks a production error has been discovered, but probably an isolated case.

The information which part of the set is affected is not given by Mammut, but decided to make a preventive recall of the 2012 production series of the Tec Step for inspection.

Please see the latest recall from 10/18/2012 of the Tec Step 2012 series !!

The affected series are:

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Recall: Older Snowpulse Cartridges from Mammut

27.01.2012: Seon, Swizerland: The swiss Mammut Sports Group AG informed: The Snowpulse cartridges for the “Inflation System 1.0” have a defective pressure gauge and must be replaced. Cartridges from the current 2011/12 winter season as well as all Mammut airbag products are not affected by this recall.

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