Micro-Cracks And Vibrations Broke Carabiners in Pulleys for Zip Lines

Petzl Warns and Invoice for Inspection the Vertigo Carabiners

2014/03/18, Crolles, France: The manufacturer of safety and climbing equipmwent Petzl invoice for inspection Vertigo carabiners for the pulleys Trac and Trac Plus. The inspection routine must change.

Three adventure parks that operate zip lines have informed Petzl of cases where a VERTIGO carabiner broke on the TRAC and TRAC PLUS pulleys.


Metallurgical analyses have shown that the breakage is caused by a corrosion micro-crack that forms on the surface and spreads very slowly through vibration fatigue in the most stressed part of the carabiner (see photo below). This crack was not detected during repeated PPE inspections, as it is located in the upper part of the carabiner which is hidden by the pulleys’ side plates.

Vertigo-Karabiner Microrisse  Vertigo-Karabiner Microrisse detail

According to Petzl analyses, this phenomenon is a result of the combination of two contributing factors:

• a corrosive environment: near the ocean, a stretch of water, etc.
• very intensive use: combining a high frequency of use with a very long zip line produces vibration effects.

As a result of this feedback from the field, Petzl recommends:

When inspecting your parkfs PPE, the VERTIGO carabiner should always be removed from the TRAC and TRAC PLUS pulleys to allow for a complete and detailed inspection. As outlined in the PPE inspection procedure, any crack found on a carabiner indicates that it must be immediately retired. The PPE inspection sheet for TRAC and TRAC PLUS pulleys is available in attachment.

Adapt the frequency of TRAC and TRAC PLUS pulley PPE inspections to the intensity of use:

Distance traveled under 2 km/day = frequency: 3 months (dry environment), 2 months (humid environment)
Distance traveled over 2 km/day = frequency: 2 months (dry environment), 1 month (humid environment)

Use a back-up system that captures the zip line cable.

The inspection sheet in the attachement in english.

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Monday, 18 November 2013 20:01

Recall: Simond Recalls Rocky Carabiner

Simond Recalls Rocky Carabiner

Fault Rivets Are The Risk

2013/11/12, Les Houches-Chamonix, France: The frensh manufacturer of climbing gear Simond recalls individual charges their carabiner Rocky. Fault rivets at the gates are the risk.

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Tuesday, 18 December 2012 00:00

Recall: Wild Country Recalls Helium-Karabiners

Wild Country Recalls Helium Karabiners and Helium Quickdraws

Karabiners not meet the standards

12/10/2012, Derbyshire, UK: The british manufacturer of climbing hardware recalls particulier charges of Helium karabiners. Wild Country identified anomalies and cannot guarantee that the karabiners with the identified batch codes meet the European Standard for karabiner.

The affected Helium karabiners existing solo and may also be part of a quickdraw. It has been established that all of the affected karabiners were delivered after July 15th 2012.

Affected are karabiner with following batch codes:

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Tuesday, 26 July 2011 00:00

Recall: Salewa Carabiners Hot G2 Bent

Recall: Salewa Carabiners Hot G2 Bent

Salewa is recalling the carabiners "Hot G2 Bent" with specific batch numbers

22.07.2011: Aschheim: The Salewa Sports Company is recalling the carabiners "Hot G2 Bent" No. #1557 with the batch numbers: 02 11 and 03 11. The results of internal quality tests are: this carabiners are not matching the european standards.

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