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Finish for Booking Climbing Courses at HU-Berlin

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Finish for Booking the Climbing Courses at HU-Berlin

Again big offer in Winter Semester 2012/2013

12/10/18, Berlin: The finish of the booking period for the climbing courses at the central institution for University Sports (ZEH) of the Humboldt-University Berlin in Winter Semester 2012/2013 has begun. The rule like in every semester is: first come first serve. Because of the beginning of the climbing courses on monday the 22nd of October 2012, speed is in great demand.


Despite of the late appearance of the climbing courses on the booking sites of the HU before this semester, since monday the courses are not only online, but partly booked out. Including the waitinglists.


Some courses are still bookable, for the luck of all laggards in this semester.


Like in the last years the arround the company climbland is responsible for the running, content and methods of the modular constructed courses. The event location is like in the past semesters the climbing hall Magic Mountain in Berlin Wedding.


The climbing courses for the ZEH of the HU Berlin are especially for students and University mebers of the Berlin Universities, like all sport offers of the ZEHs of the Universities.


Climbland also offers modular climbing courses for non-University members.


So nobody is excluded who wants to come up safe.



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