As a part of your or as an single event, as course, as an action for your team, as an offer for your guests and customers or as show climbing for the ambience of your event – climbing events and team building.

Up to date and event fitted but standardized safety constructions, action and checks are the basis for all events of the company Climbland and minimize safety technical risks.

The right framework and the use of our instructors, which are picked in relation to the expected customers work in teams and assure a safe and fast action and the communication with the customer as well as the placing of up to date contents of the high Climbland standard.

We bring you up for sure!


  • Reverso No.4 from Petzl

    Reverso No.4 from Petzl

    Der Reverso No.4 from Petzl. L

  • Very Smart from Mammut

    Very Smart from Mammut

  • Climbing Harness Finn for Kids

    Climbing Harness Finn for Kids

    The climbing harness FINN for

  • Eleven from AustriAlpin

    Eleven from AustriAlpin

    The small one with the heavy b

  • Good Terms Evo

    Good Terms Evo

    Good and for buy with good ter

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