Professional Equipment

The manufacturers of rock climbing and security equipment differ in sport and work even if the borders are fluid.

Especially coaches, instructors, persons maintaining and building climbing facilities, personal of ropes courses, riggers, speleologists and arborists are with their requirements often in both spheres of the rock climbing and security equipment.

The problem is that whether in which way the equipment is used different standards and norms apply, so suddenly one time the sport climbing equipment is applicable and for another purpose only the industrial climbing equipment fits the legal and professional organization standards.

The more technical the use of equipment gets, the more the norm requirements of the professional industrial climbing organizations must be fulfilled. The more sport is in the activity, the more sport equipment can be used.

Despite of that the equipment always has to fit the norm and the technical skills cannot be bought, they have to be learned.

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  • Reverso No.4 from Petzl

    Reverso No.4 from Petzl

    Der Reverso No.4 from Petzl. L

  • Very Smart from Mammut

    Very Smart from Mammut

  • Climbing Harness Finn for Kids

    Climbing Harness Finn for Kids

    The climbing harness FINN for

  • Eleven from AustriAlpin

    Eleven from AustriAlpin

    The small one with the heavy b

  • Good Terms Evo

    Good Terms Evo

    Good and for buy with good ter

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