Our Equipment Offers

To find the right equipment for the right purpose, seeing the big range of different manufacturers, traders and developments, is not easy for an ordinary person.

There is barely any market so dynamic about safety equipment for persons, which is the reason for so many people buying not the appropriate equipment.

We only offer equipment tested by ourselves in different areas and situations. We also use a lot of the here available equipment in our courses, actions and events where it has to proof its functionality and safety.

We are taking a lot of time and energy to be up to date and to test the equipment to be able to give the gained information to our customers, participants and operators of climbing facilities.

Several advantages and disadvantages often only appear after the use by different persons under diverse conditions and some time. Published test reports can only be a first orientation and only if they are independent and done properly.

This is important for the sport climbing and ropes course area and of course for the industrial climbing and rigging area, relating on belay devices and ropes etc.

One Thing is all but certain: the wrong use of climbing equipment will always be a danger. A solid education helps to avoid such errors.


  • Reverso No.4 from Petzl

    Reverso No.4 from Petzl

    Der Reverso No.4 from Petzl. L

  • Very Smart from Mammut

    Very Smart from Mammut

  • Climbing Harness Finn for Kids

    Climbing Harness Finn for Kids

    The climbing harness FINN for

  • Eleven from AustriAlpin

    Eleven from AustriAlpin

    The small one with the heavy b

  • Good Terms Evo

    Good Terms Evo

    Good and for buy with good ter

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