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Climbing Harness Finn for Kids

The climbing harness FINN for Kids. A harness for small people like an adult harness. Stylish and functional.

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Salewa Recalls the Alpine Harnesses Civetta II and the Climbing Harnesses Vertigo 400 Alpindonna

Internal Tests from Salewa show defects - Retailers exchange the affected Harnesses


31.07.2012, Bolzano, Italy: The Italian company Salewa recalls the Full Body Harnesses Civetta II and the Climbing Harnesses Vertigo 400 Alpindonna. Salewa checked the load bearing capacity. Some deviations from standards were identified in a few individual harnesses during these tests. Salewa did not tell us what deviations from standards they mean.

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The Buckles of FallTech Fullbody Harnesses May Be Inproperly Paired And Need Inspection And Replacement.

12/13/03: Comton, USA:The US company Falltech, producer of personal security equipment for industrial climbing, is currently having problems with the buckles of their produced full body harnesses manufactured between october 2010 and february 2012.

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Alert: Petzl NEWTON Harness Possibily Faulty Seams

Request for Inspection the safety stitching on the loops of the sternal attachment point

22.02.2012: Crolles, France: During a Petzl periodic inspection on a NEWTON harness, improperly positioned safety stitching was found on one of the loops of the sternal attachment point.

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Singing Rock: Recall of the Climbing Harnesses Crux, Nemo and Nara is not with Safety Relevances

Recent recall only for quality assurance

07/04/11: Berlin:

The German distribution Aliens Outdoor of the Czech company Singing Rock makes on our request clear that the recall of the harnesses Crux, Nemo and Nara from June 6th 2011 is not because of safety issues.

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Recall: Climbing Harnesses from Singing Rock

Defect Seams at the Harnesses: Crux, Nara and Nemo

06.06.2011: Ponika, Czech Republic: Singing Rock (Lanex) is recalling preventive the climbing harnesses Crux, Nara and Nemo with manufactured between 10/2010 and 5/2011 and following batch numbers.

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