What is an authorized dealer of climbing equipment?

Authorized dealers are that accepted by the particular manufacturers and official distributors. Manufacturers and distributers set different criteria for an acceptance, which normally constrain that someone simply registers as an authorized dealer.

The purchasing from manufacturers and authorized distributers guaranties original equipment.
Several manufacturers exclude explicit for example the selling of climbing equipment in the internet. In general no reliable dealer on platforms like eBay and risk his dealer status.

However the internet is the place that makes it easier for counterfeiters to sell their goods. If something is compared to other sources really cheap, the warning lights should start. The purchasing prices for products of common brands are comparative high, so that it is not possible for the dealers to sell them much under the usual price.

An identification of the status of an authorization of a particular dealer is often only possible by request to the manufacturer or the distributor. The websites of the manufacturers regarding their dealers are often not up to date.


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