What is the CE marking?

Every product, entering legal the European market, gets a CE marking. The approval of the CE marking underlies the business inspectorate and when entering the EU the customs. The CE marking does not have any content declaring that something fits the applying norm standards. It’s a declaration of conformity of the manufacturer, to state that it would apply to the norm standards.

Only with inspection of an independent laboratory the manufacturer made declaration can be approved. A four digit number behind the CE marking identifies the approving laboratory. A number with 2 digits is irrelevant because it is only showing the year of production.

Despite of having a 4 digit approval laboratory number it is not documented to which norms the approval really applies.
Only the identification mark with the applying norm (ENxxx) and/or with the label of the UIAA ( Union Internationale des Association d’ Alpinisme - International Mountaineering Association) approves definite the norm standard of the inspection.

Because in climbing the European norms have displaced the national norms, DIN and ÖN etc. are not so important anymore.


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