I only climb on artificial climbing walls, what equipment do I need?

Climbing is a quite cheap sport in the beginning.

For climbing in a climbing hall a harness – well fitting – a belay device and a carabiner are sufficient. Climbing shoes increase the fun of course.  With this material you are able to climb on top ropes. For lead climbing you will need a rope (and a partner that is able to belay in lead climbing properly!).
For an outdoor climbing facility a bit more is necessary. Ropes and for express sets for intermediate belay are only in the rarest cases installed. The interruption of a climbing route or special circumstances can lead to a significant higher demand of equipment. What is necessary and how to handle it is subject of climbing courses.

That it is not enough to have super equipment, but an education in using it is necessary, has no need to be declared further at this point, though the sellers in climbing shops in most cases are no climbing instructors.

Keep your fingers of super cheap equipment from the internet or “Starter-kits. In the first case you are not able to try it out or to proof if it fits or to check its functions. Additional: The company “Wild Country” as well as the big climbing equipment company Petzl are actually confronted with counterfeits sold in the internet. In the second case you usually buy more expensive than necessary. In starter-kits often equipment is sold that is not really functional for regular praxis. Often you will recognize fast that there is something better for your purpose. Carabiner, harnesses, lanyards etc. is something you are going to use for a long time, besides your life depends on it. So it is worth it not being too penurious.


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