What equipment do I need as a beginner in a climbing course?

In our climbing courses the equipment is provided, but own equipment is always preferable.
In the climbing courses of the Humboldt University the equipment is provided except the climbing shoes.

In general it is better to take the first lessons before thinking about buying own equipment. In the courses you will get much information about suitable equipment, so the risk of buying the wrong is minimized.

Participants can get suitable and tested equipment that is not too expensive and practical. Also a principal here: Cheap is often expensive.

We do not recommend to buy climbing equipment in the internet or to buy “Starter-kits”, because often the equipment of these kits is not very practical and not cheaper in the bundle, internet buying has the risk of buying b-ware that you cannot try and comes from unknown sources.

Some big manufacturers of climbing material are recently having problems with counterfeits.


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