Is a Criminal Records Bureau Check Required to Work as a Trainer?

A Criminal Records Bureau check (CRB check) to prove if someone is delinquent to child and youth abuse, is in Germany a standard.

People working in public service in Germany always needed to provide a CRB. Now social agencies of the free welfare youth work expect this of their employees too. Also the sports clubs associated in the German Olymic Sports Association.

By reason of incidents in sports clubs, all of the sports clubs take the CRB check as a requirement now for their employees.

The “Bundesjugendring”, the association of all German youth associations, was an opponent of the CRB check requirement. They stated that CRB checks would only document cases in which someone was delinquent and judged before the time of the check of the CRB. And the fluctuation of personal in the youth work should be so high that permanent CRB checks would have to be done, so the willingness to work as volunteer in children and youth would decrease. CRB checks would not have an inhibiting effect.

To this position many youth associations had applied. Also the German Olympic Sport Association refered more to this opinion and was in contrary to the administrative effort to make a CRB check a mandatory provision for working with children and youths.

The CRB check costs money, though for volunteers in sport clubs as long the CRB check is ordered over the club the fees are not charged. For reasons of data protection one should check how the club uses the CRB documentation, even if there are no entries available.


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