Does my Facility Need a Periodical Applied Load Test?

Every facility needs acceptance test. Depending to the applying norm an approval of the construction is done. For artificial climbing facilities and ropes courses applied load tests of defined positions are required. In these applied load tests first and foremost the safety devices are checked and tested.

These tests and applied load tests are only intended for the first acceptance test or in case of safety and norm relevant changes of the construction.

These tests are wrongly called “TÜV-approval” or “TÜV-survey”, TÜV can only be seen as a synonym, because usual the TÜV departments do not have the qualified personal and the required technique of knowhow for these tests. It is worth it to ask detailed questions and to check other options. We think that companies that are specialized in climbing and ropes course facilities can help you to avoid stress, retests and can help to save time and money.

In regular inspections and necessary maintenance applied load tests are not required to fulfill the norm. Corrosion and environmental affects (e.g. Changes caused by air pollution) or extreme situations can lead to a negative change of the safety-technical condition of your facility. Such changes are getting discovered and documented in the regular inspections. In these cases it may become necessary to check individual points with an applied load in periods again.

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