Does my facility need a periodical inspection?

Certainly yes! The interval of inspection and maintenance of climbing facilities, climbing walls, ropes courses and playgrounds depends on the location, the construction and the frequency of use.
Outdoor facilities are exposed to other effects of the weather the indoor ones. Many constructions are not standardized or not even optimal constructed with the consequence that specific safety neuralgic points exist, which may be checked in shorter intervals. The more a facility is in use the more wear and strain applies.

In the norms regarding artificial climbing facilities, ropes courses and playgrounds (that are not always matching each other) are no mandatory inspections but a serious advice to it. In case of doubt the courts and assurances will hold on to these advices and make their decisions on it.
The standards are divided in diverse types of inspection and maintenance, though close to praxis.
The first one is the “periodical visual inspection”, the one before using the facility. The periodical visual inspection enables to discover apparent defects and dangers.

The second is the “operative inspection”, where for example the safety and anchor points as well as constructional parts of the facility are getting checked. This inspection requires documentation.

The third is the as “main inspection” named inspection, which signifies a systematic check of the whole facility. This main inspection includes basically the whole safety devices, if required measurements, a valuation of the construction, an inspection of the back construction etc. An applied load test, which is required for the acceptance procedure, is not content of the norm but it can be recommended depending to the condition of a facility. The results of the main inspection are systematically documented. The main inspection reaffirms the Operation safety but can also lead to an inhibition of a whole or of parts of a facility.

For the records of the inspections the same standards as for acceptance procedures and surveys apply: The documentation must be distinct and comprehensible. Not only for a case of assurance, but also for you as operator for knowing what the quality of your facility is about.

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