The Company Climbland


exists with its work areas event, academy for rock climbing and outdoor sports, technical service including inspection and maintenance of climbing facilities and rope courses and the retailing of equipment since 2002. The company is developed caused by the issue to be in accordance with the requirements and wishes of customers in a professional manner.

Climbland made its mark of being a reliable partner in the realization of events with the highest security standards. Every single assignment could be realized since 2002 no matter how complex or difficult.
The close links between education and event in relation to the technical scope stands for service out of one source. All synergies are getting used.

The development of methods for the placement of content and its evaluation in our educational courses belongs from the beginning on to our self-made occupations.

Individual planning focusing on the customers wishes and the integration of it as a part of a bigger event links creativity and security.

The equipment  and scope suiting the requirements of the praxis by using the up to date inspection and maintenance measures are significant for our area of technical service as well as the consulting for and planning of whole facilities.

Characteristic for our self-perception as retailer are high quality, approved and norm conform products for the professional running of rope courses and climbing facilities, but also for the “usual rock climber”.

With the registering of our German trademark "Climbland" in 2005, our quality in service, security in events and standards in education and outdoor activities were concluded in one brand. Since 2010 the international registered brand documents the long lasting business relations.


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