Questions for Trainers and Instructors

Here you find some questions that may be relevant for trainers and instructors in climbing, ropes courses and outdoor events.

The legal, insurance and financial answers are only for basic and common information. They are no legal, tax or insurance advice in such cases you should always contact a specified lawyer or tax accountant.

For qualification and further education we are at your service.

Where and how do I have to register as a freelance trainer in Germany?

Trainers, instructors and lecturers working as freelancers in Germany have to register for taxes. This has to be done at the applying finance office in your residence. After the registration you get a temporary tax identification number, later a permanent tax identification number for all income and business tax matters.

An occupation as trainer, instructor or lector is no business, which means that a registration of the business at the applying economy office is not necessary. That also depends on your main working activities, if being a trainer is not the main focus, but an occupation in the framework of the traditional businesses a business registration might be necessary too.


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Which insurances are necessary for freelance trainer?

For the exercise of a professional occupation a business liability insurance is mandatory.
For trainers this insurance is modified as a trainer’s liability insurance because many of the different cases covered of the business liability insurances are not applying for the work as a trainer. The scope of the insurance should be measured by your real workings and the connected potential damages. There are several insurance offers on the market so a comparison is worth it.

Some of the contracting operators of climbing facilities, ropes courses or of climbing, outdoor pedagogical events, climbing courses, qualification and further education courses have business liability insurances that also cover the activities of their subcontractors.
It should be always requested if and under which conditions a business liability insurance is existing for freelance subcontractors.

Additional to that the insurance contracts can be very different from each other, so that often only a distinct number of workers working at the same time or a distinct number of participants are insured or maybe your occupation is not covered by the insurance and so a protection of liability is not provided in these cases.

For accident and invalidity insurance check the article to institutions for statutory accident insurance and prevention.
Despite of that a health insurance is always mandatory in Germany.


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Which institution for statutory accident insurance and prevention is the best for a freelance trainer?

Trainers, instructors and freelance educators are usually getting assigned to the institution for statutory accident insurance and prevention in the administrative sector. It is possible to register one when starting the business or the institution makes you an offer after the first tax registration. A membership in such an institution is not mandatory, but it makes sense because you are insured in cases of working accidents and they provide supply for cases of invalidity and long-term disability.

The assignment depends on the main occupation of your job, if it is not the work as trainer an assignment to another institution could be more useful. Voluntary trainers in Berlin for example in sport clubs are automatically assigned by their sport association to the institution for statutory accident and prevention in the administrative sector. This membership then only applies in situations connected with these voluntary activities. When doing business besides a separate membership is necessary to be insured.

Employees are generally assigned to such an institution by their employer or agency. The agency or employer has to take care of its employees and registers them accordant.


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What must be content of a bill in Germany?

A correct bill that is approved by German finance authorities needs the following content:

  • sender with full address
  • addresser with full address (customer, addresser of the bill, purchaser)
  • Date of the bill
  • A billing number (consecutive, for an easy identification of every single bill)
  • Tax number of the supplier (the tax number given by the tax office or the purchase tax identification number)
  • List of the type, location and date of the accomplishment
  • Amounts of the accomplishment, sum of the amounts
  • In case of purchase tax exemption an advice
  • In case of a purchase tax duty the applying tax amount and the resulting tax for the accomplishment
  • In case of different applying taxes: the fee apportioned by the different taxes and tax exemptions
  • Payment target not necessary but reasonable
  • Signature nice but not mandatory (only if it is clearly demanded by the customer)

Since November 1st 2011 an electronic transmission of the bill is allowed, for example as Email or PDF. A special validation of digital signatures is now no more necessary because of the tax simplification law 2011 of November 1st 2011. In consequence a mandatory transmission by post or fax does not exist. These new condition is applicable for bills starting with the date of July 1st 2011. The simplified electronic transmission of bills needs the agreement of the addressor.

This information is no legal or tax advice. For secured information please contact your tax accountant or fiscal authority.


Is a Criminal Records Bureau Check Required to Work as a Trainer?

A Criminal Records Bureau check (CRB check) to prove if someone is delinquent to child and youth abuse, is in Germany a standard.

People working in public service in Germany always needed to provide a CRB. Now social agencies of the free welfare youth work expect this of their employees too. Also the sports clubs associated in the German Olymic Sports Association.

By reason of incidents in sports clubs, all of the sports clubs take the CRB check as a requirement now for their employees.

The “Bundesjugendring”, the association of all German youth associations, was an opponent of the CRB check requirement. They stated that CRB checks would only document cases in which someone was delinquent and judged before the time of the check of the CRB. And the fluctuation of personal in the youth work should be so high that permanent CRB checks would have to be done, so the willingness to work as volunteer in children and youth would decrease. CRB checks would not have an inhibiting effect.

To this position many youth associations had applied. Also the German Olympic Sport Association refered more to this opinion and was in contrary to the administrative effort to make a CRB check a mandatory provision for working with children and youths.

The CRB check costs money, though for volunteers in sport clubs as long the CRB check is ordered over the club the fees are not charged. For reasons of data protection one should check how the club uses the CRB documentation, even if there are no entries available.


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