• FAQ Law and Liability

    Here some questions and answers to legal issues maybe relevant for hobby climbers.

    The answers to legal and insurance issues are only for common information. This is no legal or insurance advice in such cases you should contact a specialized lawyer.

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  • Questions for Operators and Owners of Climbing and Ropes Course Facilities

    Answers to questions of operators of climbing halls, climbing walls, ropes courses and adventure parks.

    For consulting, strategy, project, safety management and qualification, we are at your disposal.

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  • Questions for Trainers and Instructors

    Here you find some questions that may be relevant for trainers and instructors in climbing, ropes courses and outdoor events.

    The legal, insurance and financial answers are only for basic and common information. They are no legal, tax or insurance advice in such cases you should always contact a specified lawyer or tax accountant.

    For qualification and further education we are at your service.

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  • Question to the Offers of Climbland

    Some answers to questions regarding the offers and definitions of climbland. this is not a replacement for a direct and individual consulting, so feel free to contact us.

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  • Questions Regarding Ice, Ski and Snow

    Answers to questions of ice climbing, skiing, backcountry skiing and snow matters.

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  • FAQ Climbing Equipment

    Here you find questions and answers to climbing and safety equipment. Also the usual questions of course participants regarding equipment get answered.
    Not answered are getting issues of the basic use of belay devices and questions regarding safety techniques and procedures. We think these are things that have to be done in courses and practical education. Terms and their definitions and specialties (especially safety technical) are available in our glossary.

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  • FAQ Licences, Educationals and Legalizations

    This is the place for knowledge of climbing licenses, certificates and legalizations for trainers, instructors and hobby climbers. Also for ropes-course.

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  • Reverso No.4 from Petzl

    Reverso No.4 from Petzl

    Der Reverso No.4 from Petzl. L

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    Very Smart from Mammut

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    Climbing Harness Finn for Kids

    The climbing harness FINN for

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    Eleven from AustriAlpin

    The small one with the heavy b

  • Good Terms Evo

    Good Terms Evo

    Good and for buy with good ter

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